Cell Phone Video Brochure

Cell Phone Video Brochure from Flash Max. Your prospect can call you directly from the Video Brochure with the press of a button!



Flash Max has just developed the CELL PHONE VIDEO BROCHURE that lets your prospects call you directly from the brochure with the press of a button. What better way to impress your prospects with this combination of video and technology. Choose your overall dimensions and screen sizes of 4.3″, 5″, 7″ or 10.1″ in size. All of our cell phone video brochures come with 4 color printing + matte or glossy lamination, 128mb memory chip (holds 7 minutes of video), 1.5 hour rechargeable lithium ion battery, Cell Phone SIM CARD & USB cable to recharge battery or update videos. You get to choose your airtime plan that determines how long the call button stays active. Please call us for pricing and details.

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