What Battery Capacity Do I Choose For My Video Brochure Project?

Flash Max uses top quality grade A lithium ion batteries in our video brochures. These batteries are rated at mAh which stands for milliamps per hour. But just what does a 500mAh battery mean for the actual usability of your video brochure? We wanted to answer this questions so we spent hours testing a variety of different battery capacity vs each of our screen sizes. In the chart below you will see our results. Full charge time is the time to fully charge video brochure using 2.4A USB charger. Discharge time is based on continual play time when opened and video left to continually play until battery was drained. The expected time is what you should expect from actual real-world conditions when brochure is opened and closed often, etc. Note this is just a guide and the actual specifications of your video brochure will determine the specific performance you get. Contact us for more info on how to choose the right battery size.






The above information is provided for informational purposes only. It is not a guarantee of performance for your particular product. Numbers are based on Flash Max internal testing which was repeated 10 times for each product and averaged. The performance of your particular product may be different that the above referenced numbers depending on charging voltage, number of start-ups and a wide variety of other factors.Flash Max is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of this data and it is provided for informational purposes only.

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