How is my video brochure assembled?

Flash Max assembles all video brochure from top quality components. We start with combining the screen size of your choice into a foam core along with the battery, PCI board, speaker, buttons, activation switch, memory chip and mini USB port. Each component is thoroughly tested including a motherboard test, memory test, two 3 hour battery aging tests where the battery is fully charged and drained to ensure top quality. We then print the brochure wrap with stunning 4 color process printing including options for spot UV, foil stamping, embossing & more. Once the wrap printing is completed it is hand assembled with the screen foam core to make your final video brochure product. Since the brochures are assembled by hand it is important to have a company like Flash Max that uses great care in our assembly process. We only use Grade A materials ensuring your video brochure will last for the long haul. Once the video brochures are assembled they are sent back to our QC department for a final visual cosmetic test & a functionality test to ensure they all work exactly how they are supposed to. Once QC is approved your video brochures are carefully packaged for final shipment to your door.


Shown above is the foam Core with screen, PCI board, speakers, buttons, memory, battery & USB port before being combined with the printed outer wrap.


Video Brochure Assembly process of joining foam core with printed outer wrap shown above.


If you are considering a video brochure for your company or organization please call Flash Max for a free consultation at (949) 750-9950.

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